KMKM Warszawa

Club members then and now

Association of Public Transport Fans in Warsaw are, before all, people who came to their first meeting years ago and stayed with us until today. Now we create wonderful part of our city’s history together.

Robert has been a chairman of our Club for many years. Working as a tram driver on “T” line is how he began his adventure with the Club. Today he is well-known and respected expert in field of public transport both in Warsaw and Poland. In 2013 Robert was awarded by Minister of Transport, Building Industry and Sea Economy with “Deserved for Poland’s transport” honorary badge.

During his stay in Wschowa town – seeing “ogórek” bus – Marcin thought that it would be wise to keep a bus like this for younger generations. It was far from real for a student of Polytechnic. As years passed, he became vice-chairman of Club and created the biggest collection of historical buses in Poland. “Ogórek” buses are our icon and Marcin can sometimes be seen driving one of those vehicles on “100” tourist line.

Grzegorz is a member of Club’s Board and is taking care of part of our collection consisting of Ikarus buses. Since always he has been interested in railway. He changed 1:87 scale models, into those in 1:1 scale and today he drives heavy freight trains and instructs young train drivers.

Railway has been Maurycy’s partner since he was a kid. As a little boy he often used to hang around railway properties and watch passing trains. In Club he is leader of Revision Committee and professionally he is train manager on Pendolino trains.

Little Michał’s dream was to become a tram driver. When he joined the Club, he took care of Days of Public Transport organization. In 2010 he got a PhD in economic studies and now he works as a lecturer at Warsaw School of Economics and also runs his own advisory company. He says that if he never came to Club meeting, he would probably lead a boring life of bank employee.

Kuba is big enthusiast of rail transport. A passenger back in the day, today he is a conductor on historic streetcars. He takes care of Club fanpage, website and Instagram profile. Professionally he is connected with KOLEO platform, which allows you to buy tickets for a train comfortably.

When he was a little boy, Dominik used to travel a lot, not only by bus or railway. Today he knows, that the quickest way to get to his IT studies is by tram. In Club he is responsible for creating the website.

Leszek can always be seen with his camera, as he is respected photographer all around Poland. Thanks to him many photographs of non-existent vehicles survived until today.

Going for trips with her family, Magda would always check the route. Today she works for Public Transport Authority as creator of maps and schemes of public transport in Warsaw. In Club she takes care of buses from Jelcz-Berliet family.

Jacek is our specialist in field of driving schedules and organization of events. Thanks to him during events such as Museum’s Night or Days of Public Transport buses drive according to well-thought schedules. Today he is the leader of team taking care of organizing transport during metro construction.

Michał’s spirit stayed in previous era. His is enormous vault of knowledge about historic vehicles and history of public transport.

Sylwia is the only woman to ever be vice-chairman or Member of Club’s Board. Thanks to her dedication our buses collection is always well-kept. Today, as deserved Club Member, she cares for us and shares her priceless experience with us.

Paweł is model maker and motorization expert. He has unbelievable knowledge about public transport’s history. In Club he takes care of popularizing topics connected with buses.

Mateusz is passionate about buses which now have no secrets to him. He runs the site with photographs of public transport vehicles with great dedication.

Jędrzej is great enthusiast of railway. His biggest dream is to become a train driver. Today he studies in Technical Secondary School no. 7, former “railway school”.

Bartek showed interest in public transport since his youngest years. Today he doesn’t limit himself to Poland only – he travels all around Europe discovering various public transport systems.

Maciek was fascinated by buses and trams when he was a little boy. Today he is conductor on Club’s tourist lines and runs YouTube channel dedicated to public transport.

Little Wojtek started his adventure with public transport by meeting Public Transport Authority’s mascot – Mr. Ticket. Today, as 11-years-old young man he still keeps the book about Mr. Ticket’s adventures even though there is professional literature about construction of rail vehicles in his field of interest. In the future Wojtek wants to become a designer.