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Association of public transport fans in Warsaw (in Polish: KMKM). We are enthusiasts of public transport. For us, a bus or streetcar is not just an ordinary vehicle, which we use every day to travel to school or work, but the machine with a soul, which entered permanently into history of Warsaw.

11 April 1980 warsaw fans gathered for the first time. It began simply, meeting participants exchanged their views in a small group, without concrete plans for the future. Had to tell them what club do for the next thirty years, they probably would not believe. And yet managed to.

Today, celebrating the thirtieth birthday, we create a dynamic and growing organization. We are proud to boast of a collection of vintage buses and trams, not forgetting the trolleybus. We managed to save our stock from forgetfulness , and the greater success is that no one imagines Night of the Museums without Jelcz "cucumber" busses or summer without the tourist line ''T''. We feel great satisfaction to hear praise from passengers who take a ride in our old vehicles. Just so we can best see that the hours of hard work for repairs were not in vain.


In the 1990s together with the Warsaw Trams we created a streamlined collection of historic cars, including type A preserved from 1908, remembering the inauguration of electric streetcar in the capital, and type N "Enka" - first taking part in the opening tour of the WZ route in 1949. Recently joined them the popular "kanciak" or car 102N, 1969. Actually a German car 4EGTw #205 is being renovated. It rode first in Kassel in 1990 and was moved to Gorzow Wielkopolski. We plan to restore to the original state the first coach 13N #503 and 105N #1000.


Reparations of trams were appreciated by the city. Award from the city of Warsaw allowed us to buy the first vintage bus in our collection - Jelcz MEX 272, called ''urban cucumber". Within less than a decade, joined by other "cucumbers" - two suburban of type 043, a trailer P01, convertible and technical PAT-4, which puts our collection of round Jelcz busses on the first place in Poland. Moreover, we own Berliet PR100, San H100 and H100B, and deserves to be called the best restored in Poland, a short bus Ikarus 260 and a prototype ( only six units were produced), low-floor Ikarus 411. For its time is waiting Chausson AH48, and Saurer with trailer - a remnant of the trolleybus network, whose 15th anniversary of liquidation we are celebrating in 2010.


Our association members are actively engaged in KMKM (Association of public transport fans in Warsaw) actions, helping in the reconstruction of monuments, organizing communication events and serving the occasional conductor lines.

There need several months to make from a piece of scrap metal a vehicle that looks like the exit of the production line from the factory. But we know that we are responsible to show the history and tradition of communication and promotion of the public transport, which is why we take these actions.

Our long-range plan provides for the construction of the Museum of Communications of the real, as in Prague and Budapest, and present there, our whole fleet of historic vehicles (finally receive depot), and gather the collection of vehicles. Practice and experience with the Public Transport Days shows that it would meet with great interest of Warsaw citizens (and not only) at any age.

Unfortunately, to avoid more vehicles to be cut or just to promote communication and we need financial help but not only this. If you want to help us write to us or donate us financially.

Klub Miłośników Komunikacji Miejskiej w Warszawie

Association of public transport fans in Warsaw

ul. Żelazna 61, 00-848 Warszawa
KRS: 0000108009 NIP: 525-206-17-88
REGON: 013117278
92 1750 0012 0000 0000 3535 8536
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