KMKM Warszawa

Support us

The Association of Public Transport Fans in Warsaw is an active organisation which contributes to preserving integral part of our capital’s history – public transport.

We save historical vehicles. They are responsible for entertaining our passengers during the Night of Museums, which we partly organise. Besides buses, we are also concerned with trams. Together with Warsaw Trams, we possess circa 30 historical carriages. Townspeople can travel by them during the holidays (“T” line) as well as on other numerous occasions such as Easter, the Children’s Day, 11th of November, St. Nicholas’ Day or the Days of Public Transport. In each of our carriages, the passengers will surely meet our amiable conductors, who always do their best. Although the Club Members pay contributions, it is not enough to cover the expanses of the renovation of a bus or tram. Luckily, among our fans, there are some people willing to support us. There are also companies which eagerly help – the best example is the Urban Bus Company. It gives us the place to keep our buses so that we are sure, that they are safe and sound.

If any of you would like to help us, we kindly invite you to contact us!